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Our Artist Journey

We are a married couple who met through glassblowing. We create collaborative glass work that blends our aesthetic styles and life passions, namely the fusion of glass, electronics, modern technology, and digital design. Our goal is to always put glass art and aesthetics first, creating beautiful, stand-alone glass work.

We constantly aim to push the boundaries of what's possible in glass and art. We use modern technology either as an aid to achieve our desired aesthetic or as a seamlessly integrated component within the work.

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Steven is an emerging/established glass artist with a BFA in glass and drawing from Illinois State University. He has been granted numerous glass awards, solo shows, and residencies and is the author of the digitally hand-illustrated glassblowing technique book “Life on the Rails”, now used by universities and glass blowers in over 15 countries. Steven was also a resident artist at Corning in 2014.

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Stephanie is a PhD astrophysicist, a software/data director at Instagram, an established figure in the maker community, a published author of electronics, and a glass hobbyist/artist for the last 14 years. Stephanie has over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications (with >1400 citations), 14 granted patents, and over 10 patents currently in submission/review (Google scholar).

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